SDrive 1564 SD card interface for Commodore computers

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I am sure we can recall those long days and even months in the 80s spent in front of the Commodore 64 computer. Who cant remember the continuous setting of the datasette's read head and also that of the replacing and failure of the discs. In those days, a device like the one introduced here, which can also be ordered here, would have been such a great help!
When I started to miss the old
Commodore feeling”, I have bought one of the old and the new version of the Commodore 64 including the old 1541 floppy drive.
While using these computers, I thought how great it would be if the programs could be used more easily, considering how hard it is to obtain the Commodore floppy discs these days.
While searching on the internet, I came across many devices, but none of them met my expectations or the price was too high, so I decided to make my own SD card interface.
The first step was a classic, test panel  that  I made to operate through a lot of work and testing. Then, keeping in mind its easy usability, universal design that could be fit in a box, I had the printed circuit produced, so the interface would be available in a more aesthetic design and also at a reasonable price.  
I let the
retro society make its own opinion, but I hope that this device will offer you a lot of help with the use of  the old programs.

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